#3 Top 10 Ways to Improve your Bond Program International Edition

November 22, 2017 - Surety 101

Hello I’m Sheila Thompson, Principle of Rosenberg and Parker of Canada and I’m back talking about the top 10 ways to improve your bonding program, International Edition. So #10 was the one we started with and that was to be open and honest, #9 know your country, #8 answer the phone or email, #7 focus on capitol, #6 was examine your net worth, #5 be realistic about your growth , #4 was to be patient.
And now #3 is exonerate. So when your bond is no longer needed or outlived its usefulness you should exonerate. Which is surety talk for cancel the bond. This is a declaration that the surety no longer guarantees the obligation. The obligation may have been fulfilled or is no longer required. So when you’re doing your spring cleaning, exonerate those bonds and save money. At Rosenberg and Parker our vision is clear and it’s PURE surety.

Our vision is clear and it’s PURE surety