Chad about Cheese – P’tit Basque

March 30, 2015 - Surety, Wine and Cheese

Hey everybody Chad Rosenberg with another episode of Chad about Cheese and today we’re talking about cheese called the P’tit Basque. Now as the name implies, it is from the Basque region. And the Basque region comprises the northeast part of Spain and the southwest part of France. That whole area is the Basque region and this is from the French side of the Basque region and this particular area is known for its sheep’s milk cheeses which is what this is. The great thing about sheep’s milk cheeses, besides the fact that they’re delicious and they’re nutty and their creamy and they’re buttery, is the fact that sheep’s milk cheese is more digestible for the human body than cow’s milk cheeses. Some people were lactose intolerance can eat this sheep’s milk cheeses. Now this particular cheese has this typically it’s in the shape and size and it has this distinctive herringbone pattern which will also see on Manchego, which is another very well-known Basque sheep’s milk cheese. And it goes great with fruits and jams and also with cured meats. It also goes beautifully with fruit-forward red wines like pinot noirs. Now I’m going to be cutting into this guy and show you what it looks. Now you’ll see, but this isn’t gonna work, I’m going to use this thing. This is a semi-hard cheese with a really kind of top natural rind, that that things just not going to work for. So there it is. So go out and try some P’tit Basque, you’re going to love it!Our vision is clear and it’s PURE surety