Chad’s Philly Favorites – Jim’s Steaks

April 12, 2017 - philly

Hey everybody Chad Rosenberg from Rosenberg and Parker here with another of Chad’s
Philly Favorite and this is another absolute must do. As the native Philadelphian, I get the question all the
Time, “what is my favorite philly cheesesteak place?”. There are lots of choices out there. Of course, there’s Pat’s and Geno’s the famous place the right across the street from each other on Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia but my favorite is Jim’s Steak at Fourth and South. What I like about this place is, unlike the others, where they serve the meet whole as a slab on the bun, this place chops it up nice and fine and I love the way it gets all mushed up and gooey with all the ingredients. Let’s go in and check it out. So now I’m in line at Jim’s getting ready to order my cheesesteak and there are somethings you need to know when you order your cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Basically it’s the name of the cheese, and then with or without and wit mean with onions, without means without fried onions. So it’s wiz wit, or provolone with or american wit or american without and that’s the way you do what. I personally like a pizza steak so that’s fried onions and tomatoes sauce but it’s very important when order your cheesesteak to do it the right way. That was awesome!

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