Chad’s Philly Favorites – Ocean City & Sang Kee

March 28, 2017 - philly

Hey everybody Chad Rosenberg from Rosenberg & Parker here with another episode of Chad’s Philly Favorites. I’m in Chinatown, just a few blocks away from the Philadelphia Convention Center which will be the site of the 2017 RIMS Convention and Expo. And I’m in front of two of my favorite Chinese restaurants. The first is Ocean City and they are known for Dim Sum. Dim Sum is basically appetizers; dumplings, pork buns and eggrolls. Even chicken feet if you like that sort of thing. And while you’re there, they bring around the trolley full of great things to eat and you pick whatever you like. It’s a great place to come for lunch. Next-door is Sang Kee Pekin Duck, that’s easy for me to say. Sang Kee Peking Duck and they are known of course for Peking Duck. Peking duck is where they take the duck and roast it whole and make the skin nice an crispy. Then they take it off the meat and they put it on rice paper and it is absolutely fantastic. So, if you get a chance and like Chinese food make sure you come to one of these restaurants and check it out while you’re in Philadelphia. I’ll see ya at RIMS !

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