Pure Surety


Our focus is surety – what’s yours?

Rosenberg & Parker represents clients from all areas of business. Construction, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, transportation, pharmaceuticals… you get the idea. With our broad reach in the surety industry, we’re able to facilitate surety bond programs for companies across all business spectrums, all across the world.

Let us be your GPS

Do you have surety bond needs abroad? If so, you need a surety broker with expertise in how to help you navigate the international surety market. With branch offices in Toronto and Istanbul, Rosenberg & Parker can easily get you where you need to go in Canada and Turkey. In the cities where we don’t have an office, R&P is still the best broker to guide you to the top regional surety specialists who will work with us to fulfill your bond needs. The global surety marketplace is vast and can be overwhelming — we won’t let you and your surety program get lost.

We illuminate the world of surety

Any broker can say they’re a surety expert, but how much of their knowledge are they willing to share with you? We don’t believe that anyone should be in the dark about surety. Rosenberg & Parker has authored a series of Surety for Dummies books to shed light and share our expertise on all things surety. Commercial Surety for Dummies, Contract Surety for Dummies, and International Surety for Dummies walk our readers through the ins and outs of the surety industry, both domestic and abroad. R&P presents this complex global industry in a clear and concise way, allowing everyone to have a comprehensive understanding of their surety bond program.

Big ships turn slow

Tankers carrying tons of cargo tend to move pretty slowly and cannot travel outside of their channel. Speedboats have swiftness and the agility to maneuver all over the place. Think of your insurance broker as a tanker — they’re carrying tons of insurance products, and they have a corporate map that they have to follow. This can cause your surety program to run a ground.

Rosenberg & Parker is your speedboat to the rescue. We can navigate you through the surety marketplace with the urgency and attention your surety program deserves. R&P can maneuver your bond program into the most favorable rates, terms, and conditions because we can go anywhere in the world to find you the best surety package. We have been guiding companies around the surety world since 1946, making us the area experts. Let us charter you on the course to an independent, strong surety program.

Our vision beyond surety

Here at Rosenberg & Parker, our vision is clear, and it’s pure surety. But that doesn’t mean we want to turn a blind eye to important issues that impact millions of people around the world. That’s why we’ve partnered with Rotary International to bring pure drinking water to the most desolate regions of the globe.