Why do you need a surety broker?

January 19, 2019 - Surety 101

Hi I’m Chad Rosenberg, and Principal at Rosenberg and Parker. People often wonder “Why do I need a surety broker?” Well the surety marketplace can be very overwhelming and it’s important to have an advocate for three reasons. Number one is navigate. You need a broker that can guide you to the right surety company for your particular needs. In addition, you want a bonding company that understands appetites of all the major sureties, which can provide you serious leverage when partnering with a bonding company for your surety program. Number two is negotiate. Your broker’s job is to get you the best terms and conditions for your particular surety program. From hammering out the indemnity agreement to shopping to surety companies to get you the best rate, it’s your broker’s job to be looking out for your best interest. Number three is cultivate. The surety broker is basically a matchmaker whose job it is to take you to the marketplace so that you can meet as many surety companies as you need to determine the best one for your particular needs. Your surety broker should have already cultivated relationships with people at all levels of the bonding companies. At Rosenberg and Parker, we’ll navigate, negotiate, and cultivate in order to get the best program for you.

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