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At R&P,
we’re always keen to learn about and alleviate any pain points that exist for our potential clients. One that comes up frequently is transitioning from one broker to another. Because of the stress we know it can cause to all involved, we’ve taken great strides to become not only experts in surety, but experts in the surety program transition process as well.

Our team has developed the most efficient, detailed and stress-free-for-you approach to transitioning even the most complex of bond programs from any broker to Rosenberg & Parker. Our 4-step process begins right after you engage with one of our surety Advisors to discuss your program.
Once you engage with an expert Advisor at R&P to discuss your bond program, they will initiate our P.O.T.S. process:


Once your advisor has a picture of your current and future needs, they will draw up a surety program proposal detailing what Rosenberg & Parker can offer as your broker


Once you agree that you’d like to move forward, all of the onboarding documents will be signed (indemnity agreements, BORs, etc.)


R&P will assign your company a Transition Coordinator and they will begin the transition process for your account


Your advisor will continue with all ongoing account stewardship needs


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