Our People

Matthew J. Rosenberg

President & CEO

Chad Rosenberg

Principal & COO

Harry C. Rosenberg

Chairman Emeritus

Cindy Walsh, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Cervini

Director of Surety Operations

Jack Rosenberg

Director of Advisory & Production

James DiSciullo

Vice President,
Energy Practice Leader

Dennis Stefano

National Director of Contract Surety

Harry Rosenberg, Jr.

Vice President, Financial Sponsors Practice Leader

David High

Vice President

John Wescott

Vice President,
West Contract Practice Leader

Dave Johnson

Vice President

Julie Burnet

Senior Operations Advisor

Melissa Hinde

Senior Operations Advisor

Jon Black

Surety Operations Advisor

Kathy Masterson

Senior Renewal Advisor

Bryce Jackson

Assistant Vice President, Financial Sponsor Practice

Christina Lee

Assistant Vice President, Energy Practice

Kayla McAneney

Commercial Surety Advisor

Sheila E. Thompson

President, R&P Canada

Brian Edmunds

Principal and Vice President, R&P Canada

Melanie Smith

Director of Marketing & IT

Priyanka Patel



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